A zine and musical that says

Climate Change is the Problem,

Capitalism is the Cause,

and Collective Action is the Solution

how it started

It's easy to feel overwhelmed and insignificant in the face of climate change. I started to really stress about our environmental demise in 2018 when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report came out that said we had 12 years to get our shit together before global temperature gets too high and our planet's systems get seriously out of whack. 12 years is nothing! Grey's Anatomy has been on longer than that! 

To cope, I intensified my control on my personal environmental impact, with practices like going zero waste, never taking a cab, and constantly reminding

The goal of the zine and the musical are the same: make climate justice fun!

my friends and family to turn off the lights when they leave a room. But after a few frustrating months, I realized that while these habits are wonderful in moderation, my staunch rules were making me miserable and the U.S did not have a lower carbon impact to show for it. 


In 2019, I began extensively researching climate change to figure out my right way to help save the planet. By reading and watching experts in the environmental field like Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Naomi Klein, and Emily Atkin, I learned, that like most things in life, climate change is not about me. Instead, my research led to the following conclusion: 

Climate Change is the Problem

Capitalism is the Cause

Collective Action is the Solution

I learned that the best use of my time is joining others in communal work to change legislation, build new, equitable social systems, and create accessible ways to share information about a just, green future that's well within reach if we all work together. So in addition to volunteering, I decided to spend the next year and a half distilling my research into an accessible, humorous format by publishing a zine (a self-published magazine) full of comics, essays, mazes, horoscopes, and more. Thus, Climate Change Anxiety: The Zine was born!


Making zines is one of my favorite hobbies, but in the spirit of collective action, I want to co-create an art education piece that elevates many voices. And I mean 'elevate' both figuratively and literally because I'm writing Climate Change Anxiety: The Musical! All the profits from the zine will go to hiring composers, actors, and other artists to stage a full-length, dark comedy musical about our relationship to the climate crisis. 

The goal of both the zine and the musical are the same: make climate justice fun! I want readers and viewers to experience this project and be inspired to act, to feel hopeful again, and to believe that a better, greener world is possible. 


The Zine

Available for purchase on May 2021


Climate Change Anxiety: The Zine is a collection of interviews, essays, comics, and more that explores the idea that Climate Change is the Problem, Capitalism is the Cause, and Collective Action is the Solution. This zine brings together the personal and political to showcase the unjust system our world currently struggles under and why working together to fix our planet is the best plan we got. 

Readers say, 
"This zine is an antidote to our societal death wish."​
"Come for the climate change information, stay for the humor and honesty."
The Musical

Premiering in 2024


Climate Change Anxiety: The Musical will be a full-length, dark comedy musical about four New Yorkers who grapple with their role in the climate crisis while stuck in a subway car during an electricity blackout. The musical is inspired by the same thesis as the zine, and will include tap dancing subway rats. 

Viewers might say, 
"I laughed, I cried, I immediately signed up for a direct action training."​
"A mix of Little Shop of Horrors and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, this musical reminds me that the future could be bright."

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About the artist

Sarah Beth Kaye is a feminist artist and activist who cares deeply about the mitigating the climate crisis and the creation of alternative media. Voted "funniest person I know" by several coworkers and friends, Sarah Beth couples humor with the intersection of her personal and political experiences to make art that invites readers to co-create an equitable, enjoyable future. She loves dogs, reading comics, and finding free stuff on the sidewalk.